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Bear CMS pricing is simple. Each website you create is free and fully functional for 30 days. After that, it is charged $0.007 per hour until the time you decide to delete it.

If you like our service and want to keep your website after the free period, you must add funds to your account. We do not offer refunds. We believe that 30 days are enough to evaluate our service.
We offer use discounts. As you keep adding funds to your account the price per hour per website drops. Here are the new prices per website:
DiscountTotal funds addedPrice per hourMonthly price
-5%$200$0.00665~ $4.75
-10%$350$0.00630~ $4.50
-15%$650$0.00595~ $4.25
-20%$1200$0.00560~ $4.00
-25%$2200$0.00525~ $3.75
If you add $100 now to your account and $100 in 2 months, the next two months your website will be charged at $0.007 per hour, and then $0.00665 per hour.

You can add $2200 right away and get our best discount.
If you are located in EU and don't have VAT number or situated in Bulgaria, VAT will be added to the price.
All pricing is in US dollars.
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