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Multiple administrators
October 19, 2015

We are excited to announce a new Bear CMS feature. Now you can invite other people to help you manage your website. They can have limited access or full, it's your call.

Learn more at https://bearcms.com/help/website-administrators/
Blogging is here
July 11, 2015

Today we release a new big update. Now you have the ability to create blog posts. All you need to do is add the blog posts element on your homepage and create your first blog post from the home menu.

Learn more at https://bearcms.com/help/website-blog/
Mobile-friendly CMS
June 30, 2015

Many content management systems today enable you to build responsive websites, but Bear CMS also enables you to build them on your smartphone or tablet. It's really fast and easy.

https://v1.bearcms.com/a/5feeecca00frn-png-1500-850-cc-baa-blog-7--a1.png" srcset="" data-i="[[["https:\/\/v1.bearcms.com\/a\/1e9c646d87frn-png-200-113-cc-baa-blog-7--a1.png",200,113],["https:\/\/v1.bearcms.com\/a\/1c0f228059frn-png-400-226-cc-baa-blog-7--a1.png",400,226],["https:\/\/v1.bearcms.com\/a\/8f1b8ed67dfrn-png-600-340-cc-baa-blog-7--a1.png",600,340],["https:\/\/v1.bearcms.com\/a\/6bb61af088frn-png-800-453-cc-baa-blog-7--a1.png",800,453],["https:\/\/v1.bearcms.com\/a\/18897eacbbfrn-png-1000-566-cc-baa-blog-7--a1.png",1000,566],["https:\/\/v1.bearcms.com\/a\/becf6d46d0frn-png-1200-680-cc-baa-blog-7--a1.png",1200,680],["https:\/\/v1.bearcms.com\/a\/27c0cf2cfefrn-png-1400-793-cc-baa-blog-7--a1.png",1400,793],["https:\/\/v1.bearcms.com\/a\/5feeecca00frn-png-1500-850-cc-baa-blog-7--a1.png",1500,850]],""]"/>" class="zeste66agb1ga1">https://v1.bearcms.com/a/5feeecca00frn-png-1500-850-cc-baa-blog-7--a1.png" srcset=""/>

Tap on the plus button to create new elements, and tap on already created elements to edit, move or delete them. Sometimes you may want to interact with the element - play a video, preview image. Just open the main menu and disable editing. It's that easy.

Learn more at https://bearcms.com/help/website-content-zones-and-elements/
SEO matters
June 8, 2015

Search engines promote great content but to achieve maximum results the underlining technology must perform great too. Bear CMS does this:
- The dynamic content blocks are cached locally so that the server respond very fast
- JavaScript and CSS files are merged and minified
- The HTML code is valid
- Useful Meta tags are added automatically
- Images are resized relatively to the viewport
- Automatic sitemap.xml file

With Bear CMS, you can host your website on your own server and get free automatic updates that help you perform better on search engines.
The best way to build client websites
May 11, 2015

A client-friendly CMS is essential for building websites for your clients unless you want to manage the website's content yourself. Bear CMS is such CMS. It enables you to build the design and the structure and leave the content to the client. All they need is a browser. We offer great management tools that work on big and small screens, with mouse or touch. We also take care of maintaining and improving them.

Please visit https://bearcms.com/help/website-content-zones-and-elements/ to see how easy the content management is.
Always up-to-date CMS
April 22, 2015

Updates and maintenance for a software are sometimes crucial. The developers often release bug fixes and security updates. All you have to do is get them. Most content management systems on the market today offer updates, but you must get them manually. This usually involves downloading files, unzipping, uploading, checking if everything is ok. And you must do this every time there is a new version.

This is not the case with Bear CMS. A big part of the content management software is running on our servers, so we can push updates many times a day without bothering you. Sometimes we release updates for the small part that runs on your server, and you get it automatically, usually within an hour.

We think that is awesome.
Starting a website in under a minute
March 31, 2015

Installing a CMS on self-hosted environment sometimes can be painful and time-consuming. That is not the case with Bear CMS. As we've mentioned on our home page, Bear CMS is revolutionary.

No files unzipping, no databases to setup, no database connections to make. Just upload a single file, run it and enter your administrator email and password. That's all. You've now got a fully-functional website. All that in under a minute.

How is this possible? Your website is powered by the Bear CMS cloud. The database is in the cloud, and the management tools are powered by the cloud. There are very little requirements for your hosting.

Join Bear CMS and try for yourself.

Learn more at https://bearcms.com/help/website-requirements-and-installation/
Content editing in Bear CMS
March 18, 2015

One of the core Bear CMS features is a clear separation of content and presentation. This means you can change your design effortlessly. But today we will talk about the content part.

When you visit your website, you will see a plus button in the top-left corner. It enables you to add elements (text, images, videos) in your page. Just select the type of element you want to create and choose its position on the page. Then of course you can edit, move or delete it. It's that simple and fast.

Why we believe this is a great way to manage website content?

1. It works great on both touch and mouse devices.
2. Your elements are logically ordered, not just thrown on a canvas. They have meaning, not just good look.
3. You can change elements appearance later, to look nicer or make them responsive.
4. Your website is easily shareable. It's easy to get just the content (in RSS feeds, for example).

Learn more at https://bearcms.com/help/website-content-zones-and-elements/
Why do we need a cloud-powered CMS?
March 11, 2015

There are two popular ways to build a website these days:
1. Using an open-source or licenced CMS or framework and hosting the website yourself.
2. Creating your website on hosted services where the hosting and the management tools are taken care of.

Both approaches are cool and can get the job done, but there is a lot of space for improvements.

But first, let talk about pros and cons of hosted and self-hosted solutions.

Self-hosted solutions enable you to fully customize the look and feel of your website and its functionality. You have access to the server and the client code and can do magic. On the other hand, hosted solutions offer you some template language and CSS editing support only. Not so much magic here.

Updates and new features are infrequent on self-hosted software. Most of the time, you must apply them yourself. Hosted solutions are more flexible on this. The team behind them runs the platform and can push improvements all the time.

You as developer or designer often need full access to the code of the website so you can do your magic. Clients, on the other hand, want easy to use tools to manage their content. Self-hosted solutions are great for developers but not so client-friendly.

As we can see, there is no single best solution. Until now.

Meet Bear CMS - a cloud-powered CMS

Bear CMS brings the best of both worlds and much more.

Your website is served by your server, so you have full control over the output code. When you login as administrator your server seamlessly connects to the Bear CMS cloud to provide you with the management tools needed. Updates are frequent, and you and your clients are happy because we offer great managing experience.

For more details, please visit https://bearcms.com/help/
The beginning
March 4, 2015

Today, we take the first steps in what we believe is the next big thing in website creation. We are proud to present to you Bear CMS. It's a cloud-powered, self-hosted solution that enables you to build high-quality websites. It works on your server and is powered by our cloud services. You have all the freedom and the right tools you need to reach your goals.

We aim for simplicity of use and great results. We believe that's what you need, and it will be our privilege to help you achieve them.

Learn more at https://bearcms.com/help/